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02 December 2007 @ 05:51 pm

What's New?

SUP has acquired LiveJournal, Inc., the company that holds all LiveJournal assets, from Six Apart. LiveJournal, Inc. will continue to operate out of San Francisco, California.

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02 December 2007 @ 05:57 pm
100 Day Plan  
LiveJournal, Inc. has put together a 100-day development plan, which new staff and the original LiveJournal team will implement. Over the next three months, the team will focus on such items as service performance, usability, and socialization/discovery features. These will include:

  • Improve user-friendliness of home and portal pages

  • Optimize navigation

  • Enhance the registration process

Socialization and discovery:
  • Improve tagging and flagging (e.g. commercial or offensive content)

  • Improve internal messaging

  • Create friend discovery and invitation features

  • Create widgets functionality (e.g. profile, latest posts, stats)

  • Establish a clear set of policy guidelines

General service technology, we will:
  • Work on increasing service speed and performance, including improvements in content delivery

  • Work on developing a new database architecture for new and enhanced features

  • Increase certain limits for Basic and Plus accounts

We will also work on addressing bugs that have been reported by the users and introducing minor new features on an ongoing basis.
02 December 2007 @ 05:59 pm
LiveJournal Advisory Board  
  • LiveJournal Advisory Board will be a group of informed thought leaders from the global online community, who will advise the management and board of directors of LiveJournal in the development of the LiveJournal platform;

  • The LiveJournal Advisory Board will publish and update on a regular basis a clear a set of aims and values. This will address such vital community issues as privacy, security, taste and decency. It will also provide a forum to consider any relevant legal, political or religious concerns. It will also focus on access issues including usability, technology, interoperability, open source, social graph, and more. The LJ Advisory Board will also take responsibility for overseeing all ongoing charitable work;

  • LiveJournal Advisory Board will be available to provide guidance to the management and the board of directors to address new issues and controversies as they arise; on occasion the management will ask the LiveJournal Advisory Board formally to vet specific decisions;

  • LiveJournal Advisory Board will, in equal measure, represent the users, offering them a voice, a sounding board and a forum for addressing not only the users' role in LiveJournal, but also LiveJournal's role in the online world;

  • LiveJournal Advisory Board will take responsibility for overseeing all ongoing charitable work, which the existing LiveJournal management supports.