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100 Day Plan

Two weeks ago we announced a 100 Day Plan for LiveJournal, Inc. The team are getting their teeth into this now. Here are just a few of the things that we're working on:

Expanding Collapsed Comment Threads: If you have a paid account, you can have a first-look at a feature which will expand comments threads that have been collapsed. See how you can try it out over at paidmembers.

Rich Text Editor: There's a project underway to improve the functionality of the Rich Text Editor. We're making it easier and more flexible to use.

LJ Home Page: Stay tuned for changes to the home page which will make it easier for you to find communities and news about stuff you are interested in.

Registration Process: We are simplifying the registration process for new accounts to make it faster and easier.

New Site Scheme: Keep an eye out for Lanzelot, a new site scheme, in the coming year!

Your Profile: If you have ever wanted more personalization and customization on your profile page, we think you'll like some of the features we're working on.

Product Development

We are happy to announce that Jason Shellen will be joining the team as our new Vice President of Product Development at LiveJournal, Inc. Jason comes to us with very relevant experience, having been part of Pyra Labs, which created Blogger. In 2003 Google acquired Blogger and Jason went on to work as Product Manager for Google Reader and became part of the Google New Business Development team.

Jason will manage product development for LiveJournal, Inc. and also oversee the pipeline of new products that SUP is producing in other markets around the world. He'll be located out of the LiveJournal, Inc. office in San Francisco.

jasonshellen also worked with brad and the LiveJournal team years ago, in helping to launch the Atom API (geeks will appreciate that)!

Advisory Board

Along with Brad Fitzpatrick and other members of the online community, the two Advisory Board members elected from within the LiveJournal userbase will be asked to advise the LiveJournal, Inc. management on a variety of matters. As a further clarification, they will provide important dialog and consideration of relevant issues (such as taste and decency on the site) in the context of privacy, freedom of expression and other values of great importance to the LiveJournal community.

LiveJournal, Inc. will pay for the user-representatives' travel to the once-a-year in-person board meeting. All LiveJournal users who are 18 or older will be able to run for these positions (regardless of country of residence). Those who choose to run for a position on the Advisory Board should plan to be available for the once-a-year meeting and quarterly conference calls. Additionally, members may need to be consulted via email or ad hoc conference calls should situations arise which need their opinions or guidance.

Early next year we will provide you with information on the nomination and election processes for the two user-elected positions and introduce you to other members of the Advisory Board. We will also be updating you all on our hiring of a new General Manager for LiveJournal, Inc. as well as completed and ongoing projects in our 100-day plan and our search for a new office within the city of San Francisco (yes, we're staying here!). Exciting times are ahead!
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